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Fight back to save free speech rights

The Berkshire Eagle

May 9, 2012

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer on Hardball with Chris Matthews, explaining the corrupting impact of Citizens United.

Montana Governor Brian Scweitzer (D) and his Lieutenant Governor, John Bohlinger (R) on Thursday became the first two Montanans to sign the petition to put a question calling for a US consitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United on the state's ballot this November.

Montana Governor Schweitzer & Lt. Governor Bohlinger Say Corporate Money in Our Elections a Threat

Governor Schweitzer & Lt. Governor Bohlinger Sign and Endorse Initiative 166

Say Corporate Money in Our Elections a Threat, Ask Montanans to Stand Together to Address this Problem

Corruption And Citizens United: What Will Supreme Court Do?

Financial Fraud Law

Steven Meyerowitz

April 26, 2012

Amicus Brief Filed by Free Speech For People and Business Groups Urging the Supreme Court to Reverse Citizens United


Northampton City Council endorses constitutional amendment to reverse Supreme Court 'Citizens United' ruling

NORTHAMPTON - The City Council unanimously passed a resolution Thursday calling for a Constitutional amendment that would reverse a Supreme Court decision giving corporations the same rights as people.

Sanders proposal on 'corporate personhood' faces early challenges

Burlington Free Press

Nicole Gaudiano

April 14, 2012

Jeff Clements video on the historical context of our campaign to overturn Citizens United

If you're on your computer this weekend and not scrambling to finish your taxes, you might enjoy a look at this video featuring our co-founder, Jeff Clements.

Jeff puts our campaign for a Constitutional Amendment to overturn Citizens United in historical context, including the major moves by corporatist forces on the Supreme Court leading up to Citizens United, and also the many ways people have risen up in the past to over-rule the court, by amending the consitution to restore or expand democracy for the people.

Northampton City Council Weighs Amendment Resolution

Northampton City Council to debate corporate 'personhood'

Bob Dunn


April 12, 2012